The Project

The primary goal of the KA2 Erasmus+ project DIGI SCHOOL is the implementation of digital tools and methods into the educational praxis to provide the proper-related balanced education for all groups of professionals and students. The project activities will enable students and their teachers to adjust to distant/online education by learning how to work with online subject-related materials, and how to use different IT tools, IT platforms and different gadgets in education during the short-term training activities for the staff and by piloting the results during the short-term exchange of students.

Finally, the project activities provide the implementation of online technologies into the subjects’ educational process into 14 subjects specifically.

The goal of our DIGI School project is to reinforce the ability of partner schools to provide high quality, inclusive digital education equally for all the groups of participants – teachers and students. The focus will be on building the capacity of school content in 14 subjects such as Maths, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, IT, History, Civics, Ethics, Music, Foreign languages specifically English as the first foreign language, German, French, Spanish the second foreign languages to implement online, blended and distance teaching and learning not only in the COVID-19 situation but also during regular classes to develop digital pedagogical competencies of educators through Learning Teaching activities provided by Italy, enabling them to deliver high quality inclusive digital education, and to develop and use high-quality digital content such as innovative online resources and tools. The partnerships will promote networking of institutions across the EU, sharing of resources and expertise, and collaboration with digital technology providers and experts in educational technologies and relevant pedagogical practice, to develop tailor-made solutions adapted to local challenges – our school curricula and realities of combining present and online/ distant learning and education.