The Partnership

The coordinator of the partnership

Gymnázium Andreja Vrábla Levice (Slovakia)

Our school has a long-life tradition in education (200yrs) and belongs to the schools of high-quality schools in its category in the country.

Gymnázium A. Vrábla Levice is a secondary grammar school providing general education for students aged 11-19 graduating with Final Maturita exam in academic subjects. The school has been participating in the Erasmus+ programme ever since in various types of projects such as KA101 with the CLIL -focus in Geography, Chemistry, Music, Art, Ethics and languages – German, English, following KA201 with the MATHs Maturita results improvement through the creation of immiMATHS software up to KA226 School Partnerships on various topics such as environment, cultural heritage, travelling and promoting our places of living. The school disposes of 72 staff members, 52 pedagogical staff specifically. The school provides special pedagogical and psychological support facilitating the students with special educational needs on one hand and the specially-gifted students in different subjects as well. The school has undergone several changes not only in equipping the school labs, IT especially through different National project calls but also educational changes as well. Since we participated in an EU project / Modernization of the school itself, we have sufficient technical equipment for several projects.

The school scope of education is highly-academical with the utter focus on students’ placement at a variety of Universities in the country and abroad, especially in Czechia but also in the UK, Denmark, Switzerland, and the Netherlands as well. The school uses the EDUPAGE online platform for agenda, communication with parents, students and internal MOODLE platform for storing the educational materials, test-writing in some subjects, sustaining the previous project results – such as KA101 – teaching training outcomes. The school´s scope of activities is educational in academic subjects and extra-curricular with a focus on a variety of skills to foster and broaden students´ interests as well.

The following educational structure applies to our school:

  • LANGUAGES – Slovak, foreign: English, German, Russian
  • SCIENCE – Biology , Chemistry, Geography, Maths, Physics, IT, Economy
  • HUMANITIES – History, Civics, Art, Music, Ethics, P.E , R.E.


  • school magazine PREKLEPY
  • school TV GAV TV (printed and online version)
  • English theatre group
  • DofE programme
  • Students ´board with a variety of charity activities
  • sports clubs in different sports
  • Erasmus+ club
  • clubs for students´ preparation to different competitions at regional, national and transnational levels.

The partners

Colegio Nuestra Señora Del Rosario (Spain)

Our school is situated in a town called Paterna, next to the city of Valencia. We are a private school that receives funds from the Government; we belong to a Foundation called Fundación Educativa Francisco Coll that has 17 schools in Spain.

Our school is situated in a neighbourhood that has a high number of migrants and ethnic groups with a very low education level and unemployment that determine and influence our school life.

Five years ago our school started working with Erasmus projects in order to show our students the importance of sharing experiences with other European schools. We have learnt to work with new methodologies like CLIL, scaffolding, flipped classroom or cooperative work to help our students to become more independent and responsible.

This year we have decided to avoid the use of the book with the students that are 11 and 12 years old, having substituted it with a Chromebook. Next year we are going to keep on substituting the books.

These particular students are not using anymore the books and the teachers are using online activities. The rest of the students are using computers and Chromebooks sometimes with particular activities.

The most developed areas for working with computers are Mathematics, French, English, Geography/History and Biology.

Secondary school’s students: 250

The number of teachers that are going to take part in the project is 10 and all of them are paid ones. This number of teachers is the number that composes the group of the project.

Gymnázium a Jazyková škola s právem státní jazykové zkoušky Zlín (Czechia)

Gymnázium a Jazyková škola Zlín is a public general secondary school that offers 3 study programmes. There is an 8-year-programme (12 – 19), a 4-year programme (15-19) 3rd for students athletes who are from 15 to 19. The number of students app 700. In 2006 a language school was joined to the general secondary school. The school’s study programmes focus on university study preparation and particularly on foreign languages (English, German, Spanish, Russian, French and Chinese) IT, web design and multimedia. We offer bilingual education– Geography, Social Science and Maths in English, Geography and History in French, Geography and History in Spanish. The school focuses on supporting pupils as much individually as we can. This includes not only providing disabled pupils with personal assistants but also supporting those extremely gifted ones with new, more challenging subjects and projects, e.g. Academics Skills, a new subject introduced for those who want to challenge themselves and write their “academic thesis” in English and presenting it in public.

As for the teaching staff, there are 60 teachers who are active and participate in further education and Erasmus+ programmes to widen their knowledge and skills and learn how to apply them into their praxis.

The Zlin region is still considered to be a disadvantaged area because of its location. It is located on the easternmost edge of the Czech Republic with not adequate transport connection which limits the possibilities of development and job possibilities. This is also why we try to enable our students to gain as much experience and practice as possible to provide them with better future prospects which could influence the economic and social situation in the region additionally. The school has been trying to support foreign language teaching for a long time since we feel that this knowledge is essential for the future of our students, we would like to enrich our lessons ( new materials and techniques, case studies and analyses during the lessons) which would improve our students` independent performances, strengthen their ability to work in a team, improve their communication and organizational skills as these we consider essential for the life in the future world. Not only do we have a wide knowledge with a number of e-twinning projects, Comenius too – Teachers’ Mobilities and School Partnership with the issue of multicultural society but there is a number of follow-up KA1,2 activities.

Europass Teacher Academy (Italy)

Europass Teacher Academy is a School of Languages and Culture, and a Vocational Training Organization accredited by the Regional Council of Tuscany, operating since 1976. Since 1992, the institute has been dedicated to the teaching of languages and cultures, and to teachers’ continuing education. Europass has over 25 employees in its headquarters in Florence, 15 of whom are teachers, and a network of over 100 professional trainers who deliver courses and are paid as external partners.

Every year the school offers courses to:

  • Approx. 8000 teachers attending short term Professional Development courses;
  • Approx. 1000 students of Italian language and culture .

The students of the school come from all over the world, with a large majority from the European Union.

The institute and its staff have extensive experience in managing EU funded projects. It has received the European Language Label in 2011 for an innovative project in teaching the Italian language to Leonardo da Vinci interns (both PLM and IVT) arriving in Florence for their internship period. The institute holds a quality certification UNI ISO EN 9001/08 (Sector EA37). Europass also has wide experience in designing and delivering tailormade Professional Development courses to teachers.

Our area of expertise covers:

  • New technology in education, both formal and non-formal;
  • Inclusion and special needs education;
  • Soft skills for teachers;

Europass Teacher Academy has a catalogue of over 100 pre-set courses, originating from previous participation in EU funded projects in cooperation with schools and universities across Europe, or designed on-demand in response to the specific needs of schools. Europass network delivers face-to-face courses in 22 cities in Europe, and hosts about 8000 teachers per year. In response to the current pandemic, the course catalogue online has been greatly expanded and it has been moved to a new website ( entirely dedicated to Online education for teachers. Since July 2020 we have been offering online courses to over 2000 teachers, both as live online courses, as well as in the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) format.